Restructuring the Human World

Thinking for ourselves....with inner guidance



It is the human world which is in need of restructuring, not nature or the natural world, although that world needs a lot of TLC at the moment.

Geronimo said..."the most violent thing that can be done to a living being is to destroy their soul".

Subconscious Calling

So to all those professionals out there threatened by losing their jobs or by forced compliance….. all those excellent, knowledgeable, experienced people….. hold your ground. No one is disposable. Don't be acceptable collateral damage in the conundrum that is taking place. Don't be an acceptable death rate in corporate and government statistical analysis. It cannot function without us. The power is within.

Nature Dance

My father worked for Pfizer over 45 years ago. He came home from work one day and reasoned with me that if one person dies in the process of saving others, that was acceptable...still Pfizer policy today. I asked him if that one person was you or me, is that OK? He didn't respond but it did give him thought.

The rational mind is the 9th wonder of the world, it is a tool to get one from A to Z and will rationalize how to do it...even if it is a method to kill that which you love. So listen to intuitive wisdom and let clearer guidance show the is within us, each one different but feed the good, not the evil. Evil is the opposite of live. There is a saying that..."a miserable old person is the crowning work of the devil."

………calling the light

It is time to take back sanity, take back the Earth, stop letting corporate governments run the planet into the ground. Stop the evil, bring back the integrity of the human spirit, ethical thinking and actions. Bring back a sharing, caring society.

Trust our bodies and healthy immune systems, let medicine be our food and food be our medicine. Take back our beings, don't give it away to greedy chemical companies and corporations that gain power, control and profit from loss and debilitation as their agenda.


This is a time for us to remember who we are and not be manipulated into being anything less. It is a time to use our voices, minds, connections, prayers, networks and abilities to reshape the world. If you feel it or think it, do it..... do no harm, rise to our greatest potential. Don't know what that is? Congratulations, confusion opens doorways to stop the rigid perpetual thinking of conditioned minds and bodies. Flex those muscles of the mind and body and allow greater awareness and connection for spirit to flow thorough. One step at a time....There is a river flowing around and within us and it is full of life and answers.